Claudia López does not have a guerrilla past – El Cazamentiras – Colombian Elections 2019

A few months before the election of Enrique Peñalosa’s successor, the first fake news that has become part of the electoral campaigns is already beginning to circulate.
Claudia López, candidate for mayor of Bogotá for the Green Party, was no exception to being the target of fake news.

An image from yesteryear, in sepia, is circulating on social networks, showing three women with weapons. Supposedly one of them would be López “in his guerrilla days.” Don’t be fooled! This photo does not correspond to the candidate’s past and the montage is easy to identify.

Claudia López has not supported or been part of any armed group

How do you know it is a montage?

First of all, the WhatsApp chain says, “in her guerrilla days” but the photo shows her face as it is today. On the other hand, the photo corresponds to a report from the Colombia Check portal where the protagonists are former FARC guerrillas.

Technology and editing programs have advanced enough and deceiving citizens with this type of montages has become increasingly common. However, determining the fakeness of that photo is very simple in a ‘reverse search’ process, that is, uploading the photo to Google to find similar or identical images.

When you make the query, you can see here, it is clear that Although the image does belong to a group of guerrillas, none of them is the candidate Claudia López. His face was digitally mounted on that of one of the women in the image.

The former senator’s campaign referred to the matter, saying that Claudia López “has not supported or been part of any armed group.”

“In her career as a journalist and politician, Claudia has rejected armed actions and considers that there is no justification for the use of violence, including the guerrillas and paramilitaries who used it, excusing themselves in the conflict of political extremes. As a senator of the Republic, she investigated and denounced several congressmen who had links with illegal armed groups and crimes associated with drug trafficking and corruption,” the statement says.

At first glance you can determine that the photo is a ‘malicious’ montage. Although electoral campaigns are a favorable scenario for ‘viralizing’ this type of content, Avoid sharing information that has not been verified or does not have a reliable source.

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