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The impact of the air traffic control restrictions on Friday, added to the implementation yesterday of the Ground Delay Program by the authorities – which led to changing the direction of runway use by bad weather-, has made airline operations difficult this weekend in the El Dorado airport in Bogota.

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In accordance with Avianca, these situations have led to delays in 211 of its flights, with 34,000 passengers affected; Another 54 will be cancelled, affecting 7,130 passengers and connection losses will be generated that impact another 1,900 people.

And although the airline states that 100 percent of passengers with cancellations were already rearranged between yesterday and today, it also shares some indications about what travelers who have been affected can do:

What to do if your flight was affected?

Avianca maintains two actions to respond to its users: additional flights and passenger reaccommodation.

“Customers with flights scheduled today, November 19, who want to change
voluntarily their itineraries, they will be able to do so through our call center, sales offices and airports without penalty charges,” the airline reported in a statement.

Avianca maintains two actions to respond to its users: additional flights and passenger rearrangement.


El Dorado airport

On the other hand, Latam stated on its website that, for passengers with flights on the affected days to or from Bogotá, interested in requesting changes to their itinerary, they could reschedule the flight within the same route, for the next three (3 ) days without any additional charge and subject to availability of chairs.

For canceled flights, users could accept the new itinerary proposed by Latam and choose a new date without any additional charge or refund of the ticket value.

For additional questions about what to do if you were affected this weekend while passing through El Dorado, affected passengers can consult


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