Horoscope for today, Sunday, November 19 – Trends – Life

Quote of the week: “Happiness is not doing what you want but wanting what you do”, Jean Paul Sartre, philosopher and writer.


The world

This week you begin to feel renewed and fresh energy. Something concludes and you can see the teaching that was behind what happened. You can start again, with another vision and with a more open heart. Remember that the world will be what your thoughts and words decree. You are powerful and can manifest together with God, but you need to believe it and let go of control. It is a great time to travel, to study or to learn about new cultures. Don’t postpone your dreams. Life is now.



Comfort zones are not your thing, not for long. If you feel stuck in any area of ​​your life, it’s time to shake yourself up and move. The Fool invites you to live lighter and for that it is necessary to let go of everything that is a burden: relationships, beliefs, habits, jobs. It’s time to say yes to your passions and follow your path honestly. Free yourself from the opinions of others and do what you know you have to do. Enjoy the journey of life and laugh more.


Eight of Pentacles

Life offers you a moment of great abundance, you just have to open yourself to receive and enjoy everything that comes your way. Try to flow and say yes to the invitations or activities that are proposed to you, because you never know what they may lead you to or what person you may meet. It is a great time to change eating habits and focus on improving your health and raising your vital energy. Do strength exercises, spend time in nature, and eat more mindfully.


To the moon

The Moon invites you to explore your relationship with feminine energy or to review the bond you have with your mother. It’s time to be honest and see what’s not working. Maybe there is something that you have not yet forgiven, something that has weighed on you since you were a child and that you have not been able to express or a pain that needs to be heard. Go deep so that what is hidden comes to light. This is an invitation to healing that, over time, will bring many blessings and allow you to take in all of your gifts.


Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords asks you to stop fighting. It’s time to give up and accept what is happening, even if you don’t like it. If you resist you will generate more suffering and stress. Surrendering is recognizing that not everything depends on you and that there is a higher wisdom that guides you. If things are not turning out as you expected, it is because of a protection that, in the midst of your mental chaos, you cannot understand at the moment. Meditate or write to release your thoughts and emotions. Ask your beings of light for help.


Three of Swords

The Three of Swords reminds you that pain is also a teacher. In moments of crisis or anxiety, allow emotions to flow, give up analyzing, blaming or judging, just embrace what you are feeling. Observe the beliefs and words you use daily and notice how much energy you spend feeding fear or anger. Treat yourself more lovingly, be compassionate with yourself, and let your inner guidance show you what to do and say.


Five of Swords

The Five of Swords invites you to change habits that have become exhausted and that drain your energy. It can be a way to feed yourself or relate to yourself. Although you know what you have to do, there may still be internal resistance that prevents you from consolidating a new rhythm and structure of life. It is key to encourage discipline and open spaces for introspection, whether through writing, meditation, or studying something new. Let go of the beliefs that do not allow you to move forward.



This week focus your gaze on yourself again, listen to your body and observe your needs. Justice invites you to set limits and discern what is real and what is a chimera. Which friendships you want to keep and which ones are not giving you anything. How you want to generate more resources and what you are not willing to do more of. It is time to let go of what should be and commit to yourself without passing any judgment. When you do yourself justice, everything around you begins to come into order.


The Lover

The Lover invites you to open yourself to joy and love. It is a nice moment to share with your partner, to allow yourself to dream together and support each other. If you don’t have a partner, the time has come to open yourself to love again. Let go of the fear of being vulnerable, leave your shells behind and take the gift that someone new in your life offers you. Remember that love is not possible with protections. Don’t think about the future, just surrender and trust. Whatever happens, learn from this experience.


Ten of Pentacles

There are cycles that are closing and new job opportunities are beginning to appear. Money supports you and reminds you that when you love what you do, you are abundant in all areas of your life. Commit to your happiness and don’t settle for less than what you know you deserve. Don’t be afraid to charge what is fair to you or move money when necessary. Learn your lessons so you don’t repeat your parents’ history. You are free to choose the life you want.



The Pope invites you to make important decisions. Even if you are afraid to move or make a mistake, if you are consistent with your heart’s request, you will never be at risk. The ego wants to fill you with uncertainty, it makes you doubt yourself and your own abilities, but if you remain silent and return to yourself, you will realize that the voice of the ego is the voice of fear and that, next to the voice of love, can fade in an instant. Embrace life as it comes and let go of the need to know what is going to happen.


Eight of Cups

The heart begins to release resistance and old pain and, little by little, peace and forgiveness return to you. In the midst of this healing process in which you may have believed that something has been taken from you, in reality everything is being given to you. New opportunities come to you and now you can take the lessons of what happened. If you are in a relationship, you may feel the need to strengthen your commitment or look for new dynamics in your relationship. Everything is possible if you act with consistency and honesty.

Moon phases

Last quarter: November 6th.

New Moon: November 13.

Crescent quarter: November 20.

Full moon: November 27.

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