Massacre in Trujillo: three people were murdered in a vehicle – Cali – Colombia

A massacre was recorded in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Trujillo, north of Valle del Cauca.

According to the community, the victims were murdered by unknown persons while They were traveling in a white picket truck.

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The three men were hit by shots from long-range weapons, witnesses indicated.

Lieutenant Colonel Yovanni Cepeda Sanabria, commander (e) of the Valle Police Department, details that the incident was reported by citizens on the morning of Saturday, November 18, in the village of La Culebra, a rural area of ​​the municipality of Trujillo, where Three bodies were found with gunshot wounds.

“Upon arriving at the scene, we found three victims who go by the names of: Jaime Orlando Pasto Pastusano, transporter and owner of the vehicle, and Carlos Humberto Serna Castañeda, alias ‘Gato Seco’. There is a third victim who apparently would be alias ‘Patarrancia’, alleged former member of the criminal gang ‘Los Stubbles’who apparently could be carrying out illicit activities in that area of ​​the department,” said the uniformed officer.

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It adds that the aforementioned people were traveling in a truck-type vehicle and apparently were intercepted by armed men who made an attempt on their lives.

“In conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office and the Technical Investigation Corps, urgent actions were carried out and all physical evidence and material elements of evidence (EMP) are being collected; for advance the investigative process that leads to the prompt clarification of this fact,” concluded the uniformed man.

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“The risk scenario has increased due to the interests of illegal structures, such as the ELN and other local gangs, to maintain influence in this geostrategic region,” reported the Institute of Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz).

According to Indepaz, this is the massacre number 81 that has been recorded in the country so far this year.


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