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A 9-year-old minor appeared to have drowned in the sea of ​​Coveñas, apparently as a result of the strong waves over the area. Gulf of Morrosquillo area, in Sucre.

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In the same case, the authorities in the department rescued three more people, who were surprised by the adverse conditions of the sea and the waves that exceeded one and a half meters in height.

The first information from the authorities indicates that the natural phenomenon, considered as a tropical storm known as AL98kept bathers away from the beach, causing the emergency.

Likewise, another minor under 16 years of age was reported missing, while several emergency cases were recorded in different sectors of Coveñas, forcing the authorities to intervene to prevent other people from drowning.

In Boca de Ciénaga and Puerto Viejo

In the first reported case, which occurred in Boca de la Ciénaga, four people were apparently involved and a 9-year-old boy was confirmed to have died from immersion.

It was reported that lifeguards intervened in the situation and they managed to pull three more people out of the water who were being dragged by the strong currents to save their lives.

The second emergency occurred in the Puerto Viejo sector, between Coveñas and Tolú, where a minor under 16 years of age is missing and a woman managed to be rescued by lifeguards.

bad weather

The Port Captaincy of Coveñas warned throughout the week about the poor state of the weather and the strong waves that would occur in the coastal area of ​​Sucre and Córdoba, with the presence of a cyclone over the region with a tropical storm and electrical discharges.

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”According to the monitoring carried out by the General Maritime Directorate, through its Caribbean Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center (CIOH), a wave height that ranges between 1.5 and 2.5 meters is observed, due to the interaction between the subtropical ridge with the remaining trough of the potential tropical cyclone,” said the report issued to the community.

They also indicated that forecasts of rain and strong waves associated with the climatic season were not ruled out and they invited appropriate precautions to be taken.

It was known that other emergency cases occurred in different sectors of the Coveñas spa.

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