The challenges of Daniel Quintero in the mayor’s office of Medellín – Medellín – Colombia

The challenges of Daniel Quintero in the mayor’s office of Medellín – Medellín – Colombia

Although the Uribismo did not win the mayor’s office of Medellín, He did manage to win a third of the seats in the Medellín council, with 168,736 votes (22 percent) occupying – for now – seven of the 21 seats on the council.

For their part, two of the Liberal Party councilors who held their seats, Fabio Rivera and Aura Marleny Arcila, publicly supported Alfredo Ramos’ campaign for mayor, so experts predict a possible opposition to the elected mayor, Daniel Quintero.

The above, without taking into account that Ramos, by occupying second place in the vote for mayor, would be guaranteed a position on the council. What is not known is whether he will take it or not.

Juan Carlos Escobar, professor at the Institute of Political Studies of the University of Antioquia, said that governance is precisely the first challenge that Daniel Quintero will have when he takes office as mayor in 2020.

The teacher indicated that when a mayor arrives with a tone like the one Quintero arrives with, one should first think about governability and what this mayor has to do. to gain the trust of the local council.

Although it has not been traumatic in the city either, when Fajardo arrived for the first time, little by little he managed to have the trust of the council and have a relatively calm relationship,” Escobar said.

It is precisely the council’s job to carry out political control and approve the mayor’s projects.

Likewise, the teacher indicated that Quintero and Ramos’ proposals regarding economy and employability are not very different and go hand in hand with a commitment to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

EPM will be another of the challenges that Quintero will have in his mayoralty. The elected mayor reported that one of the first things he will do will be sign an agreement for EPM, ensuring that Hidroituango must be moved forward, but without the users being the ones who pay for the contingency.

Likewise, he assured that he seeks the profile of the manager of this entity to be a person whose appointment is not the product of a political process, but rather someone “who thinks about how to lower rates.”

On this topic, Escobar expressed that the criticisms that Quintero made at the time of EPM’s management were softening and that the mayor’s office – EPM relationship will not be tense.


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