They denounce the kidnapping of Yadil Sanguino Manzano, former mayor of San Calixto, in Catatumbo – Other Cities – Colombia

Since last Wednesday, November 15, the whereabouts of Yadil Sanguino Manzano, former mayor of San Calixto, Norte de Santander.

According to the first versions delivered of the case, Armed subjects detained the man when he was leaving a political event in the Aguasal village, in Tibú, Catatumbo region.

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Apparently, Sanguino was traveling in the truck delivered by the UNP for his safety when he was intercepted by the armed individuals who held him.

“They took the person who was driving with him out of the car and apparently they took him away. We don’t know which group has him. “They have not communicated with the family and we are in a situation of complete anxiety.”said Aura Rodríguez, a relative of the former mayor, in dialogue with Caracol Radio.

It is said that the man had already received threats from armed groups, but efforts are still being made to establish who is behind the kidnapping.

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It is worth remembering that in that area of ​​the country the dissidents of the FARC, the ELN guerrilla and other criminal gangs.

The National Protection Unit (UNP) requested “freedom and respect for the life of Yadil José Sanguino Manzano.”

For its part, Betsaida Montejo Pérez, mayor of San Calixto, rejected the kidnapping of the former mayor and called on his captors to “promptly allow him to be released so that he can reach his family safe and sound.”


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