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Although Dave Rowntreethe drummer of the most famous Brit Pop band (and with greater validity and heart than Oasis (a group with which the media invented a pitched battle), has said that none of his colleagues are interested in playing full time in Blurthe truth is that being able to see them this November 21st in Colombia and remember their greatest hitsgives a strange hope to his followers that this encounter should not be something temporary.

But the truth is that The Movistar Arena in Bogotá will go down in history for having had these adults who a few years ago took the world of music into their hands and made millions jump and dance thanks to anthems like Girls & Boys or Song 2.

Blur was a phenomenon and those who decided to accompany his first recital in Bogotá They will relive a glorious time when UK pop and rock ruled the world’s charts. Not all the bands survived, but Blur knew how to stay in the minds of their fans around the world and were not afraid to get together, forget a little about the routine and tension of fame to once again feel the hysteria of their devotees. Rowntree is happy to return to the drums, Damon Albarn-The singer defined that it was very special to be reunited with his brothers, Graham Coxon is happy to dust off his powerful riffs and Alex James He had no problem leaving his life in the countryside to return with his bass and taste that bite of energy that leaves a happy and excited audience in front of the stage.

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The members of Blur (from left to right): Graham Coxon, Dave Rowntree, Damon Albarn and Alex James.


Reuben Bastienne-Lewis

Those who have judiciously followed Blur’s career know that His mark on the world of music surpasses the success of Boys & Girls and Song 2. Those songs will definitely be in the show this November 21 in Bogotá. They will possibly start the recital with St. Charles Square, a single from their new album The Ballad of Darrenas an invitation to their guests to feel what’s new about the band.

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They couldn’t be left out of the setlist Cut into pieces; the melancholic Bettlebum; the party country Country House or the powerful Coffee and TV; as well as This is a Low or Tender. Following the dynamic of not sticking with the jewels of the past, Blur could show what it sounds like live The Narcissist, Barbaric o Trimm Trabb, before resuming a set with other very popular ones such as Country House, End of a Century or the epic The Universal, composition with which they have closed their concerts this year…That is the most predictable, although there is time to dream of some unexpected surprise; like There’s no Other Way or Sunday Sunday, as well as – why not? – on more tours and more albums. Time will tell.


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